Our Courses and Trainings in London Academy

Here in London Academy we present several and very flexible Courses for Permanent makeup and Tattoo skills .our certificates are fully accredited and you can apply for your insurance and licence as soon as certified by us .

Tattoo Courses 

Our Tattoo courses are Designed in very Easy and Flexible structure to ease your learning procedure and Certification ;

Option One :

Attend in a Compact course of 7 following days from 10 to 5 pm and get Certified in last day after passing the final practical test  , full course Cost 700 GBP

Option Two :

Attend in our weekly classes which is running one day a week , mostly in weekends , as soon as you finish the 7 days of training , you are eligible to attend in Final Practical test and Get Certified . it dose not matter if you finish this 7 days in 7 following weeks or in 6 months duration .you pay base on daily attendance for 120 GBP per day .


Permanent Makeup Courses 

We do present following Permanent , Semi-Permanent and Microblading Courses here ,

Eyebrow Microblading  

Lip color and Eyeliner Microblading  

PMU master course 

Lash Extension Training Courses

Lash Lifting and Perm Training Courses